Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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  • 22.05.2020

    Kampnagel provides a streaming stage for Hamburg artists

    Kampnagel wants to keep in touch with artists in times of the pandemic – globally as well as locally. Many artists report that they want to produce content but cannot. Although Hamburg's politicians have tried various programs to help artists, the funding criteria are not suitable for everyone. That is why Kampnagel is setting up a solidarity-based production area. We offer our infrastructure free of charge. Kampnagel technicians will furnish the P1-stage with basic technical equipment which local artists can use to record tutorials or dance lessons, or experiment with the medium video and then put it online. Depending on the project, short slots are divided. There are no curatorial hurdles, just the rule: first come, first serve! The offer is valid until June 12, 2020. The offer may be extended

    Important info:
    Until 12th June 2020.
    P1 including technical equipment (lights, camera, microphones, for more see technical rider)
    2 technicians will support you
    Contact: André Huppertz 040 270 949 344
    Please bring your own empty SD card!

Kartentelefon +49 40 270 949-49