Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel


Kampnagel, the international center for the finer arts in Hamburg, is Europe’s largest production center for contemporary performing arts. It presents works at the intersection of theater, performance, music, visual arts and architecture in six event spaces located in a former crane factory building. Its program is made up of international guest productions and co-productions, independent works from Hamburg, as well as special series and festivals, including the International Summer Festival. It also regularly hosts conferences and symposia about contemporary social discourses. Kampnagel is a productive laboratory for the development of ideas, exploring new formats that tackle modern forms of communication, interaction and participation as well as the transfer of knowledge and our conception of the public sphere. Kampnagel is simultaneously locally anchored and internationally connected. The center creates links between artists and between different artistic languages. It regularly comes into dialogue with activists and researchers, and takes the (cultural-) political lead.

Every season, Kampnagel attracts approximately 180,000 visitors.






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