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TRILOGY By Rabih Mroué


Lebanon-born Rabih Mroué manages to combine aesthetic and political research like few others, and is among one of the most idiosyncratic voices of the international artistic avant-garde. His works combine theater, performance and visual art, and are directly connected to the social and political realities of Lebanon and to the consequences of the Lebanese Civil War. ON THREE POSTERS / THE INHABITANTS OF IMAGES / PIXELATED REVOLUTION are three precise and touching examinations of the politics of visual documentation and connect our tragic current era to the 20th century history of the Middle East, more specifically its media transmission in a globalized visual world. By mixing documentary with fiction, Mroué creates counter-narratives that are neither real nor imagined, but possible. The three parts of the “Trilogy,” which are presented across three evenings, fit into the artistic-presentation formats that define his stage work, using documentary materials and his self-developed “non-academic lectures” format.  

supported by Ilse und Dr. Horst Rusch-Stiftung


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