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A series of events by Kampnagel and the FUNDUS THEATER

Children discover new forms of protest, adults use the freedom of art to promote new rights for children, children and adults together reinterpret performance art and come together as researchers on the future - more and more voices question the division of the world into children and adults. And that because of an urgent political background: children are not only affected by poverty far above average, they are also "free as free range chicken" (Chris 12 years, Dublin). At the same time, adults contest future resources for them. With the TRANSGENERATOREN Festival, Kampnagel and the FUNDUS THEATER are creating the first international forum for transgenerational art and politics.

Due to the corona pandemic, the edition of the TRANSGENERATOREN festival planned for May 2020 could not take place as planned. But solidarity between the generations has become in Corona times even more important. In this global crisis, we have to rethink how old and young can meet and stand up for one another. That is why a digital festival opening took place on May 29, 2020 with the conversation WER HAT MACHT ÜBER DIE ZUKUNFT in the Kampnagel-Youtube-Stream. In addition, the Belgian artist Michiel Vandevelde designed a poster campaign inspired by the Corona crisis with children and young people from Hamburg, with whom he planned to found a CHILDREN'S PARLIAMENT.

In the coming season, the TRANSGENERATOREN festival will continue as a loose series of events.


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