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The MIGRANTPOLITAN has been a space, laboratory and meeting place in which new forms of collaborative working, living and partying are explored and developed since the 2015/2016 season. Here, the social categorizations of »refugee« and »local« are abandoned and participants collaborate to create cosmopolitan visions. This constellation of people and opinions, and of artistic and political practices, has led to the creation of concepts that are already making their mark on the Kampnagel program – with the successful event series ORIENTAL KARAOKE, for instance, as well as the REFUGEE VOICES TV SHOW – among other places. As a label, MIGRANTPOLITAN also works as producer and enriches the program with highlights that have been shaped by a migrant perspective – for example, the new SYRIAN DIASPORIC SOUNDS series. MIGRANTPOLITAN is here to stay – so stay tuned!

Event announcements can be found at and on the Kampnagel homepage.


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