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Queer B-Cademy – Taking to the Streets

  • © Stef Mosebach


Go to Streams on Queerbecademy.orgThe world may be hiding in fear of the catching and the further spreading of the Coronavirus but Queer B-Cademy never closed down. Because queer knowledge continues to claim its place on this vulnerable planet Earth. The first part of “The Trilogy of Tomorrow” titled “House of Hope” almost prophetically highlighted the realm of privacy and asked the question “Where Is Home?”. Many people may have been able to find answers to it, but several other questions were also raised in the process. One of them is: “What’s going on outside?”

The second part “Taking to the Streets” focuses on the public space - a place many take for granted and others consider dangerous, and where they experience exclusion from society. Streets, cities, countries and continents are divided into zones with different amounts of human rights granted to their people. Everywhere in the world, the reality of queer life is one of deficit – an unkept promise to the system. However, in queer knowledge, we might be able to find a healing potion for this wounded world.

From April 29 till May 2, 2021, Queer B-Cademy will be defying the mental lockdown. Binging on TV shows can wait. “Taking to the Streets'' is the ultimate preparation for reentering public space. A four-day program that will open up all of your energy spots. Air your mind and embrace your spring fever, summon the street spirits of the past, present and future with all the tales of queer life!

Detailed program:
Day 1 (Thu-29.04.2021)
Day 2 (Fri-30.04.2021)
Day 3 (Sat-01.05.2021)

Day 4 (Sun-02.05.2021)

All 4 days:
Radio program hosted by Best Boy Electric / Info
Listen here:

Photography exhibition in the city / Info

Installation / Info

Dance: Available all day via the [k] to go-app / Info

The program is free of charge, but you may get a voluntary ticket for 5, 10, 20 or 30 Euro. Find the ticketlinks in the individual event pages. The proceeds will be donated to the LGBTQI+ charities. 

The digital program will be available at beginning April 29th. Some digital content will remain online beyond May 2nd, while others will only be available via live stream at the time of the event. The digital program will be complemented by a tour with the K-to-go APP, as well as art in the city.

Concept: Daniel Chelminiak
Curation and production: Naomi Odhiambo, Wasiu Oyegoke (DJ Waxs), Daniel Chelminiak 
Set design: Daniel Kalinke, Sebastian Faßnacht
Online and print design: Stef Mosebach
Production: Gregor Zoch
Public relations: Ifeatu Nnaobi
Curational advisor: Uta Lambertz
Concept assistance: Isabelle Wapnitz 


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