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Other Europe: Perspektiven auf Identität & Vielfalt Europas

Migration and diversity within European societies are often seen in the political and media debate as relatively new phenomena that supposedly pose enormous challenges to European societies. Yet the continent has been a space of exchange, migration and diversity since ancient times, and diasporic minorities have helped shape it in many ways. In this context, the event series „Other Europe: Perspectives on Identity and Diversity in Europe“ illuminates the past and present of diversity in Europe and shows its potential for a plural and solidary community. Together with the network Diplomats of Color and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, Kampnagel invites artists, authors, academics and activists to dismantle homogenous identity constructions. In five thematic focuses, BLACK EUROPE; ROMA, IN EUROPE; ASIAN DIASPORA; JEWISH-MUSLIM CULTURE and HERKUNFT & GEGENWART, the series explores diaspora and minority identities
through keynotes, panels and artistic formats and makes visible intersectional discourses, practices and experiences in Europe‘s past and present.


BLACK EUROPE: Thu-23.09. to Sat-02.10.
ROMA IN EUROPA: Thu-14.10 and Fri-15.10.
ASIATISCHE DIASPORA: Fri-13.11. and Sat-14.11.
JEWISH-MUSLIM CULTURE: Thu-18.11. to Sat-20.11.
God's Entertainment: Unter dem Teppich: Thu-09.12. bis Sat-18.12.
ON SOLIDARITIES: Wed-15.12. and Thu-16.12.

Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office and Diplomats of Color.


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Friday, 12.11.2021

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