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Kontext Mexiko

  • © Mario Patiño

KONTEXT MEXIKO presents one week of dance, performance and discourse from Mexico, examining Mexico as a habitat, and a cultural and political space. The “transit country’s” difficult socio-political situation and daily violence is a result of its geographical location between Central America and the United States – making it a transitional space for various illegal goods and for migrants travelling from the south to the north, from Latin America to the United States. The series will also focus on the country’s hybrid culture, with its different indigenous, colonial and contemporary elements. Kampnagel presents the premiere of a new transnational production, ANTIFORMALISMO, a collaboration between Gintersdorfer/Klaßen and Mexican guest performers. It was developed for the festival in three work-phases in Mexico City and Hamburg. It will also include pieces of dance and performance, with four European premieres, and a MEXICAN SPIRIT club event that invites guests to enjoy debates, performances, DJ-sets, fake shamanism and, of course, Mexican drinks, in collaboration with German-Mexican artist Yolanda Gutiérrez. Because, as a Mexican saying goes, “Para todo mal, mescal; para todo bien, también!” – or, loosely translated: “When everything is going badly, drink mescal; when everything is good, do it too!”

KONTEXT MEXICO wird gefördert im Rahmen des Dualen Jahr Deutschland-Mexiko, Goethe Institut, Auswärtiges Amt und wird unterstützt von Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung und BINGO! Umweltlotterie, UNAM – Cátedra Ingmar Bergman

TICKETS: 20% discount by buying tickets for at least 2 shows at the same time and 30% if tickets are bought for 3 shows or more. 


Wednesday, 01.03.2017

Thursday, 02.03.2017

Friday, 03.03.2017

Saturday, 04.03.2017

Sunday, 05.03.2017

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