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EuropaCamp 2022 – Facing new Realities

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A lot has happened in the past time. We have changed. Europe has changed. There can no longer be a "back to the beginning". We have been in "crisis mode" since the beginning of the pandemic. But above all, the dramatic developments in Eastern Europe and the as yet unforeseeable consequences for the structure between East and West are forcing us to confront entirely new questions about the future of Europe: What does the new world situation mean for Europe's foreign and security policy? How can we live in the future with an acute threat from a powerful autocracy that does not share our democratic values?

Let us discuss together what are the strengths and values of Europe and what we as the European Union can do together with our partners for a peaceful future and coexistence of states. Many challenges are waiting for us: besides the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, attacks on democracy and civil society and coming to terms with the pandemic policy.


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