Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

EcoFavela Lampedusa Nord 2015


Since December 2014 there is a temporary room of action for refugees of the Hamburg Lampedusa Group. The art project will be held until May 2015. On the first Saturday of each month a workshop for interested people is taking place in the rooms of the EcoFavela Lampedusa Nord. The project was developed by the artist group Baltic Raw. The building was originally constructed for the international summer festival in 2014. Instead of dismantle the building after the festival, it was suggested to make it suitable for winter and to make it usable for homeless refugees as an artistic and social place. In close cooperation with the refugees and future residents, the building was converted into the action room. The project was financed by a crowdfunding campaign.


PRESS commentaries in german (extract)


RTL NORD - AdF erstattet Anzeige

3 Sat - Gespräch mit Amelie Deuflhard zu Strafanzeige der AfD

Beitrag auf Deutschland Radio

Deutschland Funk - Soziales Labor und Begegnungsstätte

Hamburger Abendblatt - Flüchtlinge auf Kampnagel "Es geht um die Freiheit der Kunst"

ZEIT blog - "sachlich bleiben" - Ein Passivhaus für Flüchtlinge - Interview mit Amelie Deuflhard

Deutschland Radio - "Was darf Kunst - was die Gesellschaft". Zur Podiumsdiskussion im Thalia Theater


Hamburger Wochenblatt - Kampnagelprojekt illegal?


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