Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Beyond the Lone Offender

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The networks, strategy, and dynamics of a neo-fascism 2.0 are becoming more sophisticated and make use of easily consumable aesthetics. The belated German debate on organized right-wing structures must now be expanded to include global approaches. For four days, the Goethe-Institut Hamburg and the Kampnagel will jointly address this topic. How are global rights movements organized? International Activists, artists, journalists and intellectuals are invited to explore this topic in debates and artistic performances.

Due to numerous cancellations, the Goethe-Institut Hamburg's BEYOND THE LONE OFFENDER conference at Kampnagel will not take place as planned. The official press release on this matter the Goethe-Institut published here.  

You are still invited to various artistic contributions, which will nevertheless take place at Kampnagel after close consultation with the artists and initiatives, in order to offer spaces of commemoration and remembrance:

Dan Thy Nguyen: SONNENBLUMENHAUS (Audio play presentation), 24.06. / 18:00

Nuran David Calis / Schauspiel Köln: MÖLLN 92/22, 24. and 25.06. / 20:00

Mandeep Raikhy: DANCING THE SECULAR - A choreographed walk through Hamburg, 25.06. / 12:00

Bidlungsinitiative Ferhat Unvar: TOT SIND WIR ERST, WENN MAN UNS VERGISST - A rememberance space, 25.06. / 18:30

Film: Eine deutsche Partei, Alabama Kino, 26.06. / 15:00


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