Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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ZDF x Kampnagel Live Sessions:

  • Eunique
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Music / digital
  • Sun, 20.12.2020 18:00
    Kampnagel – K6 Cancelled

In cooperation with ZDF, Kampnagel will present four hip hop concerts on two evenings, which will be recorded in a pandemic-compatible setting with audience for ZDFkultur, the digital cultural channel of the ZDF media library.

"Lots of things are happening – I hope I can update you soon" Eunique, who just turned 25, wrote to her 100,000 Instagram-Followers at the end of September. Actually, "Vision" should have been released in February - her follow-up album to her debut "Gift", which immediately took Eunique to the top ten of the German charts. But people who wanted to interfere in her self-determined career prevented this for the time being and showed once again: female artists often need the poison of a cobra in rap games, and they still design their image best themselves. As Eunique Kobra she released her first freestyle raps on YouTube in 2015 or in her reality show "Becoming Eunique". As an actress in the TV series "4Blocks" she also proved her skills in front of the camera. And for those who still have doubts about her flows over danceable beats influenced by modern Afrobeat, Grime and Trap, she raps in the new song "Kobra Kartell": "I'm no influencer, bitch, I set trends by rapping / Look, my followers as a gang are more than fans to me".


19.12. EKO FRESH
19.12. HAIYTI
20.12. MOTRIP

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