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Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft:
We Call it a House

  • © Mathias Hollaender
digital / Theater & Performance
  • Tickets: The streaming link will be here soon. You can buy a voluntary ticket for 5, 10, 15 or 20 euros. After the performances you can talk to the artists via Zoom and ask questions. The link to the Zoom webinar will be available here soon.
  • Thu, 20.05.2021 20:00 [Talk, World Premiere, Live-Stream]
  • Fri, 21.05.2021 20:00 [Talk, Live-Stream]
  • Sat, 22.05.2021 20:00 [Talk, Live-Stream]
  • Sun, 23.05.2021 20:00 [Talk, Live-Stream]

For many years now, plays by Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft have drawn on questions shared and discussed with other artists and rehearsing guests of all ages. After questions like, "What are you not asked enough?" followed by, "What do you stand up for?", Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft now collects answers to, "What do you need the others for?"

It began with the interest in asking who owns the stage, who gets there, how to share it, what to negotiate together there. The plan was to have many others come there to share space, time, and interests. The many people in one place thing has become more and more unnecessary in the last months and still does. Three remain: they share the stage, as well as a walk-in object, they call it a house. In it they reorient themselves and change the terminology: In relation to theater, to themselves as a we, to what they do, to audience. WE CALL IT A HOUSE, for example, has only one audience member – they call her a camera. The three say what they do in the house is not film, but they call it film because it is not a play.

What they do is confront each other: Who am I in the context of the others and what do they say about it? They experiment on each other and have a lot of time, because so far no one has asked them to come out again, and as long as that is the case, the three of them negotiate what they will later debate with many others. The question does not expire, on the contrary, it arises anew every day. Now more than ever.

  • Choreografie: Antje Pfundtner
  • Dance: Juliana Oliveira, Antje Pfundtner, Matthew Rogers
  • Dramaturgy: Anne Kersting
  • Music: Nikolaus Woernle
  • Stage: Irene Pätzug
  • Artistic assistance: Juliana Oliveira
  • Costume: Yvonne Marcour
  • Light: Michael Lentner
  • Production, PR and Marketing: Hannah Melder
  • Distribution: Jana Lüthje
  • Assistance: Vivienne Lütteken
  • Video: Mathias Hollaender

„We Call it a House“ is a production by Antje Pfundtner in Gesellschaft in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg and FFT Düsseldorf. „We Call it a House“ is supported by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund with means from the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien as well as Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Kultur und Medien.

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