Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2020
Festival Avant-Garten:

Toffi-Hamburg, Ferdinand Försch

  • Toffi Hamburg
  • © Anja Beutler
Kampnagel / Music
  • Tickets: Garden ticket: 3 Euro
  • Wed, 12.08.2020 18:30
    Kanal-Bühne, Wald-Bühne im Avant-Garten
  • Wed, 12.08.2020 20:30
    Kanal-Bühne, Wald-Bühne im Avant-Garten

18:30-19:30 + 20:30-22.00

The music group Toffi Hamburg consists of musicians and singers from different regions of Indonesia and other countries. They all share a passion for music and an interest in the rich culture of Indonesia. After a highly acclaimed concert at the Migrantpolitan at the previous summer festival, the band will open this year's festival on the Kanal-Bühne.

18:30-19:30 + 20:30-22.00

Hamburg sound magician Ferdinand Försch has been developing complex compositions for his own instruments for more than 30 years and has already performed at places like The Kitchen in New York or the Shanghai Art Festival. At the summer festival he will present a two-day concert for new and experimental strings and loop machine (world premiere).


This year, the festival garden designed by JASCHA&FRANZ will be as special as the summer festival: In Hamburg's pearl of art leisure parks, there will not only be installations, performances and culinary delights, but also a daily changing programme on two open-air stages (details in the programme overview). Due to the Corona-related capacity restrictions for events, tickets for the individual evenings in the garden are available for the symbolic price of 3 Euros in advance and additionally at the Festival box office. A third stage is located on the piazza at the main entrance (free of charge with a seat outside the Peacetanbul Restaurant). With a ticket for another festival performance on the same evening you can enter the garden for free - as long as there is enough capacity, otherwise there might be bridgeable waiting times. Sorry, is a bit more complicated this year, but will be nice (and safe). 

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