Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Queer B-Cademy
Workshop mit Samra Mayanja & mother tongues collective:

Tiered Tongues

  • Sat, 15.02.2020 14:30

How do we engage a strong visual language with spoken languages/dialects that are marginalised? What does it mean to speak to an audience that has no access to that language? How do we embrace multilingualism in both spoken and visual forms?  Samra Mayanja and collaborators, mother tongues, present their workshop that will be a combination of storytelling, DIY filmmaking and discussion using archival footage, multilingualism and image construction as the impetus. We're inviting you to explore modes of creating that re-centre the languages often sidelined. 

If possible please bring your own mobile phone with camera function. Not mandatory. 

Sign up via Mail: queerbcademy(at)


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