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Internationales Sommerfestival 2021
Nesterval / Queereeoké:

Sex, Drugs & Budd'n'brooks

  • © Nesterval
  • Dancing Sven
Theater & Performance
  • Duration: ca. 150 Min.
  • Tickets: 22 Euros (conc. 12 Euros / [k]-Karte 11 Euros)
  • Check-in: 7:30 p.m. / Game start: 8 p.m.

  • HERE you will find all the latest information and Corona rules for your visit.

  • Thu, 05.08.2021 20:00 [World Premiere]
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Fri, 06.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Box Office
  • Sat, 07.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Wed, 11.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Thu, 12.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Fri, 13.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Sat, 14.08.2021 20:00
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  • Wed, 18.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Thu, 19.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Fri, 20.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets
  • Sat, 21.08.2021 20:00
    Uebel & Gefährlich (Feldstraße 66) Tickets

Together with the karaoke party institution Queereeoké, the queer folk theater guerrilla Nesterval continues the story of Buddenbrooks - as an immersive theater piece in the back room of Hamburg's entertainment district.

After the Viennese performance ensemble Nesterval rescued the future of the european social democracy at the last summer festival (for which they received the Austrian Nestroy-Theaterpreis), this time they turn their attention to Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks in collaboration with the queer Hamburg karaoke party institution Queereeoké. But the North German national epic is only the starting point for an immersive theater game, in which the canonical story of the downfall of the merchant family Buddenbrook is being retold in the St. Pauli of the present: On the outskirts of the entertainment district, the marooned of society come together every night at Budd'n'brooks (set in Hamburg's Uebel&Gefährlich club) to find their slice of happiness under the shelter of the neon light. For a long time, the shining light of big business in the entertainment industry overshadowed the dark side of the family-run establishment. The rules of the market have remained the same, but business is no longer good. Some have a lot to lose, but many have nothing left. So who profits from the faint of the sinking, who submits to the temptations of the rise? And who decides what happens next? In this complex immersive theater-game production, visitors encounter familiar characters, sex work and rave excesses; and they themselves become protagonists who can change the fate of individuals or the entire family and of this theater play.

HERE you will find all the latest information and Corona rules for your visit.

  • Concept: Nesterval & Queereeoké
  • Direction: Martin Finnland
  • Script / Co-direction: Teresa Löfberg
  • Dramaturgy & Production: Andreas Fleck
  • Costume and Décor: Imke Paulick
  • Props: Willy Mutzenpachner
  • Choreography: Marcelo Dono
  • Sound Design: Alkis Vlassakakis
  • Art Photography: Julia Fuchs
  • Photography: Alexandra Thompson
  • With: Alkis Vlassakakis, Gellert Gerson Butter, Rita Brandneulinger, Christopher Wurmdobler, Astôn Matters, Martin Walanka, Laura Hermann, Niklas-Sven Kerck, Romy Hrubeś, Martin Finnland, Maya Herrmann, Marcelo Dono , Dancing Sven, Willy Mutzenpachner, Johannes Scheutz, Chris Pfannebecker, Teresa Löfberg, Andreas Fleck, Claudia Six

A PRODUCTION OF Nesterval with Queereeoké & Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel.
FUNDED BY Fonds Darstellende Künste from funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Kulturbehörde Hamburg & Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin.


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