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Twenty Looks or Paris is burning at the Judson Church - The Series

  • © Mark Levine

In the late 1960s, dance history was written simultaneously but separately – in his multi-part series, TWENTY LOOKS OR PARIS IS BURNING AT THE JUDSON CHURCH, Trajal Harrell imagines what didn’t happen: an encounter between the queer voguing ball scene and the postmodern dance pioneers of the Judson Church. In a display of his oeuvre, Kampnagel is now presenting (almost) all parts of the series – from XS to M2M (Made to Measure). Thus, TWENTY LOOKS is not only a “what if” version of dance history, but a translation of the antique tragedy into a performative posture – tragical realness! Since the New York choreographer already entranced Kampnagel’s audience with (M)IMOSA/TWENTY LOOKS OR PARIS IS BURNING AT THE JUDSON CHURCH (M) (2012), the medium-size version of the series, as well as the premiere of CAEN AMOUR (2016), he is now returning with five shows: get ready for all the Trajalness!

The series TWENTY LOOKS ... is part of thos years season opener TRAGEDY NOW!, taking place from october 5th - 15th.


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