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Queer B-Cademy
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u.a. mit Mamoru Iriguchi, Samra Mayanja, FAYIM, Kiki House of Angels & Saeleen Bouvar

  • © Samra Mayanja
  • Mamoru Iriguchi
  • Kiki House of Angels
  • Seven Angel
  • FAYIM fka Sidney Frenz
    © Jozef Wright
  • Saeleen Bouvar
Theory / Wheelchair users
  • Fri, 14.02.2020 from 19:00
    p1, kmh, k4

Programme overview Day 2



Performance by Mamoru Iriguchi
19:00 (Englisch mit dt. Übertiteln)

Often neglected by parents, faild by the school system, the job of completing sexual education is left to queer artists. Fancy a roller-coaster, time-travel ride about sex and gender? Come see SEXXES. From the ancient past, where our ancestors enjoyed the amazing, gender-free life, to the present time, where harsh binary sometimes seems to be dominating. And what could the future hold? Heavily-equipped with his DIY digital devices, Mamoru Iriguchi helps everyone swim in the incredibly fluid ocean of gender. Suitable for age 12+ audiences and everyone who want to catch up on a few things.

Mamoru Iriguchi is an award winning Edinburgh based performance maker and theatre designer with background in zoology. His performance works explore 2D and 3D, liveness and pre-recorded-ness, gender and sexuality, fairytales and evolution theories.


Performance von und mit Samra Mayanja
20:00 (Englisch)

The individual or collective loss of a language can be seen as equivocal to burning down a library, signifying the loss of an accent, idioms, proverbs, different modes of thought and expression. For some people in the diaspora their languages beyond that of the host country, are contained to the domestic, they are partial, fragmented, assisted and/or mediated.

BAD LUGANDAN* (BUSOGA*-ENGLISH) is a performance piece exploring the transmission and experience of ecstasy as a vehicle for familiar languages finding us. This performance piece has been devised by artist Samra Mayanja (Leeds) through an iterative research process facilitated by mother tongues (London).
Samra Mayanja is a Leeds based artist whose work spans video, performance and non-hierarchical collective learning. She’s interested in national and global hierarchies concerning language and the performance of speech. mother tongues is an interdisciplinary and research-led collective applying decolonial, feminist and queer theory in exploring language and identity.

*People from Ugandan are Ugandan. Luganda is the language spoken by the Baganda tribe in Uganda. And Busoga is the name of the tribe from the south eastern region of Uganda.



Queer B-Cademy’s Living Room Concert with FAYIM!

Inspired by the black artist and activist May Ayim, Hamburg-born singer-songwriter FAYIM ( fka Sidney Frenz) uses music as an expression of his feelings and thoughts. The concert focuses on his personal experiences as a black, queer man in Germany. FAYIM’s own creations and favorite songs tell the most different stories, empower and are accompanied by warm sounds from soul, R&B, pop and jazz. Together with the pianist and producer, Niklas Nadidai, the young singer invites you to feel, think and sing along.



When we speak of alternative family constructs, queer history leads us to the “Houses” of the ball room scene. Arose from queer black and Latinx communities 40 years ago in New York, Balls have also been an integral part of Hamburg for several years now. The Kiki House of Angles was founded in Rotterdam in 2015 by Father Typhoon Angels and  has now  70 members across Europe and also one US Chapter. They are strongly represented in the European Voguing Ballroom scene, because the members of the House rarely go home without Grand Prizes!

The Hamburg Chapter of the House consists of 7 members: Gifty, Melisa, Lukas, Icy, Jada, Celine and Evelyn. Every week they train & jam together to prepare for Kiki Balls.


DJ Set

Though he's known as the resident DJ of the Dutch ballroom scene, Seven is quickly taking over the rest of Europe, having played events in 10 countries in the past 2 years alone. This hasn't gone unrecognized, as he's been nominated for European ballroom DJ of the year in 2019.
He is also quickly finding his way into the mainstream club scene, and has secured a residency at Amsterdam's club NYX. His style mixes vogue beats with bass-heavy underground club tracks, as well his is own productions.


DJ Set

Saeleen Bouvar is Hamburg’s exquisite trans-dj and grande dame of the most delicious queer sounds. The founder of Salon Queertronique knows the essence of queer music – it’s that specific joy that springs from the struggle for survival, for love and freedom. It’s music that liberates from repressed sexuality and that creates a home around it. It’s House, baby! – the second most popular game that we play as children! Saeleen Bouvar not only knows music, she also knows history and at the House of Hope she reanimates Hamburg’s almost forgotten house of unapologetic queerness: FRONT club. Get ready to get dirty, children!

Programme overview: 
day 1 (thursday-feb 13) 
day 2 (friday, feb 14)
day 3 (saturday, feb 15)
day 4 (sunday, feb 16)

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