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Internationales Sommerfestival 2020
Pandemic Talk Series:

Procoronastinieren & diskutieren – Der Sommer der Krisen

  • Klaus Walter
Theory / Wheelchair users / Online / Kampnagel
  • Tickets: 5 Euro (Parallel to the live event, the talks are also available as a stream on the Kampnagel YouTube channel.)
  • Fri, 28.08.2020 18:00
    Kampnagel – P1 Tickets

In a three-part conference (live at Kampnagel as well as a stream on the Kampnagel YouTube channel) the Summer Festival invites experts to discuss with international guests the current effects of the Covid-19 pandemic from sociological, technological-political and pop cultural perspectives.

Talk 3: Procoronastine & argueing – The Summer of Crisis
Klaus Walter in conversation with Julian Warner & Mascha Jacobs

Why is emancipatory, progressive, even left-wing pop so helpless in the corona crisis? Does the pandemic strengthen the hegemony of reactionary, sexist, right-wing pop in Germany? Why does a loud anti-racist movement develop in Germany after the murder of George Floyd, which did not occur after Halle, Hanau or the NSU? And how are these two questions connected? Do Corona and racism form an intersectional crisis? And if so, what to do? What artistic answers are there to these questions? Music? Videos? Literature? We will see and hear.

Mascha Jacobs is editor of the Pop journal, as well as moderator, podcaster (Dear Reader), editor and author. Julian Warner a.k.a. Fehler Kuti, is a musician, dramaturg and cultural scientist. Klaus Walter is a radio producer, author and journalist.


FR 14.08. / 18:00
Talk 1: In the eyes of the virus (not) all are equal
Paula-Irene Villa in conversation with Dr. Karsten Schubert and tbc.

FR 21.08. / 18:00
Talk 2: World Building Part 1 How can we create a shared vision of reality in the digital world?Hannes Grassegger in conversation with Malka Older, Peter Pomerantsev and Ben Smith.




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