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Gender Medizin:
Open Space: "We need a revolution, baby" – mit medizin-aktivistischen Initiativen

digital / Theory / Wheelchair users
  • Sun, 30.01.2022 16:00 [also Online]
    Kampnagel – K2

It is not only the 80s that tell of a huge and multi-layered health movement - if you look closely, you might get the impression that we are already in the middle of the next big movement ourselves. Social media and net activism are means that massively facilitate the sharing of knowledge, visualisation, but also collective gathering of experiences in the form of self-managed databases. Thus - in the good tradition of the past decades - numerous associations and groups have emerged in recent years that work to facilitate access to discrimination-free medical treatment via address lists - for discrimination-sensitive gynaecology, trans- and queer-friendly treatments, barrier-free practice rooms, sex worker-friendly care or self-determined sterilisation. New associations of professionals affected by discrimination have also formed to change the health system from within. And, of course, networks large and small that engage in political lobbying or exchange and publish their knowledge on specific issues such as reproductive justice. Other groups are getting involved and providing health care and education structures that are lacking in the health system: abortion workshops, abortion pill provision, medical care for undocumented people, queer midwives* collectives, or community health care centres for marginalised groups. As a crowning finale to the thematic focus on gender medicine, we invite medical activist initiatives and groups from the German-speaking region to network and exchange on the topic on Sunday.

Please note: Interested members of the public are welcome, but after an introduction of the actors present, the event is primarily intended as a moderated, interactive working and networking space. Participation is possible both on site and digitally.

The entire discourse program

Gender Medizin
Panel: "Rassismus in der Medizin"
Fri, 28.01.2022 18:00

Gender Medizin
Pop-Up Sex Shop
Fri, 28.01. from 18:30 / Sat, 29.01. from 15:30 / Sun, 30.01. from 12:00

Gender Medizin
Panel: "Gender Medizin"
Sat, 29.01.2022 16:30

Gender Medizin
Artist Talk with Brian Lobel and Catherine Hoffmann
Sat, 29.01.2022 18:15

Gender Medizin
Lehni Lamide Davies, Shona Hamilton:
"Unexpired Pleasures" Filmscreening and Q&A
Sat, 29.01.2022 19:00

Gender Medizin
Keynote: "Reproductive Justice" von Loretta J. Ross / Panel: "Feministische Gesundheitsbewegungen Revisited“
So, 30.01.2022 13:00

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