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Rosana Cade:
My Big Sister Taught Me This Lap Dance

  • © Manuel Vason
Wheelchair users / Theater & Performance
  • Tickets: 8 Euro (conc. 5 Euro, [k]-Karte 4 Euro)
  • In english. 

  • Sat, 31.10.2020 from 13:30
    1:30-3pm, entry every 10 minutes. 
    Kampnagel – K31 Tickets
  • Sat, 31.10.2020 19:00
    7pm-8.10pm, entry every 10 minutes
    Kampnagel – K31 Tickets
  • Sun, 01.11.2020 from 13:30
    1:30-3pm, entry every 10 minutes
    Kampnagel – K31 Tickets
  • Sun, 01.11.2020 16:30
    4.30-5.40pm, entry every 10 minutes
    Kampnagel – K31 Tickets


Inside a small red lit booth Cade performs the lap dance their older sister used to perform professionally. The intimate exchange between performer and audience member sets up a complex web of contradictory visual axes. Through the repetition of the dance, the manipulation of our gaze, and the use of interview excerpts, a unique feminist dialogue between two siblings is revealed. First performed in Glasgow in 2012, Rosana created a new version that reflects on the 3 year journey Rosana and their sister went on to make and tour a theatre show together called "Sister", exploring sexual identity, feminism and choice.

The general hygiene concept for visitors can be found here.



Here you find the flyer of this show.

»Brave, clever, provocative« The Herald 

Funded by Rudolf Augstein Stiftung

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