Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2020
Thies Mynther / Veit Sprenger / Tobias Euler:


Kampnagel / City / Art / Music
  • Fri, 21.08.2020 19:00
    Opening at Kunstverein in Hamburg
  • Sat, 22.08.2020 17:00
    Parade to Kampnagel (meeting point: Meadow E. Siemers Alle / Rothenbaumchausee)
  • Sat, 22.08.2020 19:30
    Concert at Festival Avant-Garden
  • Sun, 23.08.2020 from 18:00
    Installation and concert at Festival Avant-Garden

The composer Thies Mynther (last as guest at the Summer Festival in 2014 with PHANTOM GHOST and 2016 I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT), the theater maker Veit Sprenger (Showcase Beat le Mot) and the visual artist Tobias Euler (founder of the legendary Jonny Knüppel in Berlin) have developed an interventionist music machine in honor of the outstanding musician Moondog. The Moon Machine is a mobile music island, a bricolage with pneumatic instruments and mechatronic sound machines, sun umbrella, signal horns and acoustic collision warning devices. The three artists use it to explore the world of Moondog. Their works and instruments such as the Trimba or Dragon's Teeth are complemented by their own melodies, poems and musical experiments. As part of the International Summer Festival, the Moon Machine will tour the city and then perform a concert installation on the Kampnagel Avant-Garden. Starting point for the parade will be at Rothenbaumchausee 2, very close to a spot at Dammtor station, where Moondog enjoyed spending time during his time in Hamburg.

Furthermore, excerpts from the exhibition/radio show Moon Machine, Landing, initiated by Kunsthalle Münster and Montez Press Radio, will be heard in the program of the exhibition CORONA SOUNDSYSTEM at Kunstverein in Hamburg (opening on August 21).

A Production of Thies Mynther and Veit Sprenger in Coproduction with Theater at Pumpenhaus Münster, Flurstücke Festival and the Kunsthalle Münster, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste, in Cooperation with Summer Festival Hamburg and Kunstverein Hamburg. 

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