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Internationales Sommerfestival 2021
Miet Warlop:

After All Springville: Disasters and Amusement Parks

  • © Miet Warlop
Theater & Performance / Wheelchair users
  • Duration: 50 Min.
  • Tickets: 22 Euro (conc. 12 Euro, [K]-Karte 11 Euro)
  • For all aged 14 and above.

  • HERE you will find all the latest information and Corona rules for your visit.
    Vaccinated or recovered or tested and with mask.

  • Fri, 13.08.2021 19:00 [World Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets
  • Sat, 14.08.2021 17:00
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets
  • Sat, 14.08.2021 22:00
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets
  • Sun, 15.08.2021 19:00
    Kampnagel – K1 Tickets

A comic book coming to life with a walking table, a colorful-smoking cottage and a frustrated fuse box about the tragic failure of a community.

Miet Warlop has been populating European performance and gallery stages for over 20 years with her absurdly colorful figures, living objects, and spectacles of form and color. She has also transported the audience of the Summer Festival into her anarchic fantasy worlds three times already (in 2013 with MYSTERY MAGNET, in 2016 with FRUITS OF LABOR and in 2018 with the children's stage happening BIG BEARS CRY TOO). One of her very early works, which gained international attention in 2009, is called SPRINGVILLE. In it, an explosive narrative unfolds around a colorful-smoking cardboard house, its inhabitants and the neighborhood: an elegant walking table that would like nothing better than to be set, a man who wants to take out the trash, a frustrated fuse box and a very long pair of pants go through big and small dramas with varying degrees of slapstick and disaster potential. With the lightness of a cartoon, the tragic story of a failed community is told. And because all this could hardly be more topical, Warlop is now restaging her iconic work 12 years after its world premiere under the title AFTER ALL SPRINGVILLE.

HERE you will find all the latest information and Corona rules for your visit.

  • Concept and Direction: Miet Warlop
  • Performance: Hanako Hayakawa / Margarida Ramalhete, Winston Reynolds, Myriam Alexandra Rosser, Milan Schudel, Wietse Tanghe / Freek De Craecker, Jarne Van Loon
  • Costumes: Sofie Durnez
  • Consultant Light Design: Henri Emmanuel Doublier
  • Technical Coordination: Bennert Vancottem
  • Technical Crew : Eva Dermul, Jurgen Techel
  • Production: Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw

COPRODUCTION HAU Hebbel am Ufer – Berlin, Arts Centre BUDA, Arts Centre Vooruit, PerPodium, De Studio Antwerpen, Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel.
WITH THE SUPPORT OF The Belgian Tax Shelter, Flemish Authorities, City of Ghent.
THANKS TO Arts Centre CAMPO, TAZ – Theater Aan Zee & cc De Grote Post, Amotec.
CONTACT & DISTRIBUTION Frans Brood Productions.

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