Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Kaiser Quartett:

  • © Tim Fulda
  • Tickets: pre-sale 24 euro
  • Fri, 20.12.2019 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2 Tickets

The Kaiser Quartet is a contemporary string quartet from Hamburg and has been proving for 15 years now that musical openness knows no stylistic boundaries. Adam Zolynski (violin), Jansen Folkers (violin), Ingmar Süberkrüb (viola) and Martin Bentz (violoncello) sit musically skilfully on all chairs - no matter whether they are funk tracks, Yiddish folk songs, pop music, hip-hop or avant-garde sounds.

In addition to numerous recordings for national artists such as BOY, Samy Deluxe, Daniel Hope or Aki Bosse, also internationally renowned artists like to open their notestands to refine, expand and accentuate their works with the royal string sound. These include Jarvis Cocker, Anna Ternheim, Gregory Porter, Socalled, Milk & Bone and above all Chilly Gonzales, with whom the Kaiserquartett has been working since 2011. They accompany Chilly Gonzales performances in large venues and have been featured on his album "Chambers". They scrape, point and scratch in the style of a musical clockwork. Seldom are strings as tight and precise as they once were called "The worlds most expensive Sampler" by Chilly Gonzales.

On their debut album, which is exclusively a collection of their own compositions, there is no lack of horizon-opening melodies. The release comprises twelve instrumental pieces of pop, which are based on electronic models and whose musical input is continued with the means of a string quartet.


In Cooperation with FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen.

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