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Krass Kultur Crash Festival
Branko Šimić:

Infarkt Global#3/

  • © Branko Šimić
  • Duration: 60 Min.
  • Tickets: free of charge
  • Sun, 16.05.2021 18:00 [Online]
    Kampnagel – K1

Infarkt Global #3 is a road movie in times of standstill, a car ride through empty Europe. It is the perfect time to leave all previous identities behind. It is about a return to home, which no longer exists. The birthplace is a dusty, empty, dark space that only evokes pain. Exile is reality, exile is present and future, an eternal state.

The life of Goran P. is the starting point for this portrait of a global and individual infarction. Goran P. is a stroke patient. His speech center is destroyed. For the project he is the perfect narrator: he is damaged, like the story itself. Infarkt Global gives him back his voice. His apparent inarticulation is transformed into communication. In the process, the present presents itself as a real moment of powerlessness, lostness and speechlessness. It is a story about identity (a category that is in permanent motion), about loss of identity (home) and identity construction (exile).

You will find the link on this page on the day of event.

You will find the link to this movie-installation on the day of event here. 

  • Camera/Cutting: Mario Ilić
  • With: Goran Pavlašević
  • Director: Branko Šimić

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