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THEHOST.IS: Residenzprogramm für Kunst und Digitalität
Darsha Hewitt:

How to Beam – DIY Teleportation for Hybrid Times

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Theory / Art / digital
  • Wed, 04.05.2022 19:00
    Meet-Up #1
  • Wed, 11.05.2022 11:00
    Workshop mit Dasha Ilina
  • Thu, 19.05.2022 19:00
    Meet-Up #2
  • Fri, 27.05.2022 15:00
    Workshop mit Dasha Ilina

THEHOST.IS is a new residency programme by Kampnagel and Deichtorhallen Hamburg for the development of new (digital) approaches in artistic production - along critical questioning of hegemonic orders in code, decolonial strategies, digital resistance, self-empowerment and the democratisation of digital systems. The first three-month season under the title HOW TO BEAM - DIY TELEPORTATION FOR HYBRID TIMES is led and thematically shaped by the Canadian media and sound artist Darsha Hewitt; the artists Olsen, Nadja Buttendorf and Dasha Ilina are invited as residents. The residency programme is accompanied by a meet-up series and workshops, initiated in cooperation with the Hamburg curator Jeanne Charlotte Vogt. Over drinks and snacks, the residency artists, Hamburg artists and creatives will present their work and give a behind-the-scenes insight into their artistic research and critical practice with technology.


Wed-04 May / 19:00
At the Hamburg Centre for DIY Culture, the focus will be on DIY teleportation, motion capturing and digital representations of bodies; with Darsha Hewitt, Dasha Ilina, Nadja Buttendorf, Fernanda Ortiz, among others.
Free admission
Location: Fab Lab Hamburg (Stockmeyerstr. 43 / Hall 4K)



Wed-11.05 / 11:00 (online)
Fri-27.05 / 15:00 
(live at Kampnagel)
The two-part workshop invites you to think about digitally mediated corporeality and to create a humorous video that can be used as a first resource for Dasha Ilina's digital project "Be? Here? Now?".
Free admission, registration at


Thu-19.05 / 19:00
With Darsha Hewitt, Olsen, Jascha Viehstädt and Michael Brailey, among others.
Free admission
Location: Studio 
Hammer Deich (Hammer Deich 10 / 3rd floor)



Fri-10.06. to Sun-12.06.
The artists in residence present their works and invite you to practical sci-fi happenings, workshops, lectures and experimental interactions.
Times, locations and detailed programme to be announced

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