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Hamburger Theater Festival:
Familie Flöz: Feste

  • Familie Flöz
    © Simon Wachter
  • Familie Flöz
    © Simon Wachter
  • Familie Flöz
    © Simon Wachter
  • Familie Flöz
    © Simon Wachter
Theater & Performance
  • Fri, 15.10.2021 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6
  • Sat, 16.10.2021 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6


A wedding is to take place in a stately house by the sea. In the back, in the dark depot, there is delivery, cleaning, clearing, guarding and disposing. In a poetic melange of bitter tragedy and dark slapstick, the endearing characters do their best to ensure the smooth running of the magnificent house by the sea. Doomed to remain weak, they fight for their dignity and the respect of the strong and the rich. But suddenly the sea has disappeared and all that remains is a desert of sand and stone. For a moment, everything stands still. But the music plays louder, the celebration of love is to continue.

For the second time - after "Infinita" in 2014 - the Flöz family shows their unique skills as part of the Hamburg Theatre Festival. That playing with masks can be a full-length theatre art for an adult audience is what this company teaches us with its true-to-life, finely observed and entirely unsentimental plays. "Feste" is a fairy tale for adults without words. A tragicomic story about the hunt for individual happiness. The masks with their quiet immobility counteract the thunderous madness of progress.

The success of the Familie Flöz ensemble is not limited to Germany. Since its founding in Essen in 1994, their plays have played in 43 countries. The theatre that is their own is created here with means that lie before language - every conflict manifests itself first in the body, from it springs the dramatic situation. The masks, like texts, convey not only form but also content. Only through the spectator's imagination does the mask come alive. He thus becomes the co-creator of a play.

In mining jargon, "seam" refers to the layers of soil in which valuable raw materials are stored. The name is a reference to the beginnings of the theatre company in Essen. The Flöz family has won many awards and still digs for "cultural treasures", processing what they find in twelve plays.

  • Director: Michael Vogel
  • Co-Direction: Björn Leese
  • Make-Up: Hajo Schüler
  • Kostüme: Mascha Schubert
  • Bühnenbildner/ -in: Flix Nolze (Rotes Pferd)
  • Video Art Work: Maraike Brüning, Reinhard Hubert
  • Music: Maraike Brüning, Benjamin Reber
  • Light Design: Reinhard Hubert
  • Sound Design: Dirk Schröder
  • Production management: Gianni Bettucci
  • Production assistance: Carolin Hartwich

A production by Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Theater Duisburg and Lessing Theater Wolfenbüttel

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