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Internationales Sommerfestival 2020
Sebastian Quack:

BOTBOOT. Ein spielerisches Digitalprojekt im Stadtraum

Online / City
  • Tickets: BOTBOOT is free of charge and can be played on a smartphone on the website without registration. For further information please contact  

BOTBOAT. A playful digital project in urban space (in German)

BOTBOOT is a participatory art project for the public space, developed by an interdisciplinary team around game designer Sebastian Quack. With the interactive web app BOTBOOT on the smartphone, players of all ages go on a mythical journey through the Hafencity and other places in Hamburg. The basis for exploring the urban space are popular seafaring myths. On the traces of Homeric hexameters, fools can be taken on board, alternative swaps can be made with trashy action heroes, and social skills can be trained for a near future in which all of our lives take place mainly on the water. BOTBOOT communicates with players via text, images, sound or geodata and offers up to eight hours of gaming pleasure, which can also be divided independently into many smaller time frames. Intimate gaming experience alternates with entertaining activities for several players - and each contributes to the variety of experiences with his or her own feedback! 

The launch of the BOTBOOT will take place on August 19 on the Wald-Bühne of the festival garden. Between August 20th and 30th the BOTBOOT help desk in the Hafencity (Shanghaiallee 21) is open on Wednesday to Saturday from 10am - 6pm. The team is looking forward to your questions and will be happy to arrange companions for joint trips on the ocean of the city.


  • By and with: Ellen Blumenstein
  • Game Design, Direction, Programming: Sebastian Quack
  • Dramaturgy: Moritz Frischkorn
  • Programming: Holger Heißmeyer
  • Research: Theresa Michel
  • Voice: Iris Minich
  • Sound: Katharina Pelosi
  • Interface Graphics: Sansho Studio

A Project by Imagine The City – Kunst und Kultur in der Hafencity. Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg. In collaboration with and supported by The International Summer Festival Kampnagel. 

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