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Internationales Sommerfestival 2020
Samara Hersch:

BODY OF KNOWLEDGE (at home-Version)

  • © Pier Carthew
  • © Pier Carthew
Theater & Performance / Online / Wheelchair users
  • Duration: ca. 60 Min.
  • in English

  • TICKET SALE for this piece will start on July 2, 10am! Every participant needs a single ticket, a laptop and a mobile phone.

  • Fri, 28.08.2020 22:00 [German Premiere]
    zu Hause am Telefon
  • Sat, 29.08.2020 11:00 [German Premiere]
    zu Hause am Telefon
  • Sat, 29.08.2020 13:00 [German Premiere]
    zu Hause am Telefon
  • Sun, 30.08.2020 11:00 [German Premiere]
    zu Hause am Telefon
  • Sun, 30.08.2020 13:00 [German Premiere]
    zu Hause am Telefon

With BODY OF KNOWLEDGE the stage comes into your home: Connected with 11 spectators and 12 teenagers from Australia, a performance about the big and small questions of life and the future is created.

The performance, BODY OF KNOWLEDGE, in which spectators inside the theatre room were connected via telephones with teenagers from all over the world and in the process built a stage set themselves, toured successfully on stages in Australia and Europe in 2019. Now, Australian artist Samara Hersch has created a version of her work in which viewers can connect with the young international cast from the comfort of their own living rooms: The spectators are digitally connected with each other via their own laptops. In addition, a package of props will be delivered to your home. In the course of the performance the participants change and build their own environment where they receive calls from teenagers from Australia. In intimate telephone conversations, a moving dialogue unfolds between the generations, about sexuality, grief, boundaries, ageing and ideas of the future – which you can comfortably experience in your own living room.

  • Lead Artist: Samara Hersch
  • At Home' Concept and Creative Technologist: Fred Rodrigues
  • Artistic Associate: Cass Fumi
  • Dramaturgy: Maria Rößler
  • Developer: Jonathan Mikkelsen
  • Technology Assistant: Nathan Fain
  • Production Support: Bec Reid
  • Created and performed by : Team von Teenagern aus ganz Australien / team of teenagers from across Australia

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