Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Other Europe: Perspektiven auf Identität & Vielfalt Europas
Asiatische Diaspora: Olivia Hyunsin Kim / ddanddarakim:

Banana's back!

  • © Olivia Hyunsin Kim
Theater & Performance / Theory / Wheelchair users
  • Sat, 13.11.2021 20:00 [also Online]
    Kampnagel – P1

The authentic banana ("yellow on the outside, white on the inside") Olivia Hyunsin Kim is back! This time in her luggage: the famous drawing 'Man in Korean Costume (ca. 1617)' by Peter Paul Rubens, which was copied several times in the 18th century and hung on many walls of European powers. She uses the drawing to take a closer look at the interconnections between Asia and Europe aka Eurasia.+

Part of the event series OTHER EUROPE.



Supported by the Federal Foreign Office and Diplomats of Color.

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