Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Spells and Daubs

  • © Kreidler
  • © Kreidler
  • © Kreidler
Music / Wheelchair users
  • Wed, 04.05.2022 21:00
    Kampnagel – KMH

For over 25 years, Kreidler has been developing the Krautrock heritage of its founding place in Düsseldorf into pop music of a continental character – with references ranging from Bach to disco and postpunk to club music. The band has collaborated with artists such as Rosemarie Trockel or Sibylle Berg (with whom they played at Kampnagel in 2015), made guest appearances at museums such as New York's MoMA or Paris' Centre Pompidou, and provided soundtracks for films or Chanel fashion shows. Now, in January 2022, the latest album „Spells and Daubs“ was released – an acoustic counterpart to a collection of short stories; ten pieces that move in different directions in the same space and are drawn together by an overlaying arc.  All of them have the length of a single – and also have its potential with a catchy melodic lead and beats in dense arrangements. A succinctness, perhaps last heard on the 2000 album "Kreidler", and with which the band is now back in top form after their last concert in 2019 here at Kampnagel.

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