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Queer B-Cademy #5 World of Wisdom
Sanni Est:

Photophobia Immersion – The Preview

  • © Harriet Blend & Manel
  • © Diara Sow
  • © Sanni Est
Music / Art
  • Fri, 18.03.2022 from 16:00
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sat, 19.03.2022 from 16:00
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sat, 19.03.2022 18:00
    Kampnagel – kmh / Artist-Talk (Auf Englisch)
  • Sun, 20.03.2022 from 14:00
    Kampnagel – P1

The exhibition consists of 30-minute loops with 10-minute breaks in between. See ticket shop for exact start times. Slots for the exhibition may still be available in the evening – first come first serve.

Hardly anyone suits the opening of the 5th edition of Queer B-Cademy WORLD OF WISDOM better than the singer and multimedia artist Sanni Est and the release of her second studio album PHOTOPHOBIA in form of a monumental guided video-and-VR exhibition. The Berlin based Brazilian artist addresses in her work her situation in the world as a trans*woman of color living in the diaspora and exposes with a lot of personal dedication and precision the European definition of knowledge coined by the era of enlightenment, as violent and simply insufficient. Photophobia - the fear of light - tells the story of Sanni Est’s exhaustion in the white patriarchal system, of the retreat to the salutary darkness and of her transformative comeback. It was the journey through the shadowlands, the constraints of adapting and personal loss that made her finally feel her true power. A visionary, confident Sanni Est performs, with an impressive new vocal range, the uncompromised complexity of her truth. The multi-layered sound of her music reflects the entangled paths to get there. And she celebrates vigorously, in the illustrious company of her many collaborating artists, the community that supported her on that journey.   

Sanni Est is a singer and transmedia artist based in Berlin who challenges notions of knowledge, reason, normativity, and beauty with her voice and presence. Classically trained in Brazil as a singer and semiotician, Sanni eludes enlightenment with ‘Photophobia’, embracing the fecundity of darkness. Her multilayered artworks entangle etymological research with autobiography and collaborations with visual artists to question notions of humanity and unravel eurocentric gender-binary patterns. Refusing to restrain her voice, Sanni’s music combines unusual, exploratory vocal techniques with experimental synthesizers and Afro-Brazilian ritualistic drums. Her artworks make spaces of reflection and empowerment.

Please notice:
The VR Headset under the Oculus system is designed to wear like a helmet. Please be aware this specific placement does not support / it’s not adjustable for every hairstyle. The use of makeup can cause some damage to the equipment. You may want to adjust the makeup before your visit. Removing wipes and some mask covers are available in the venue. It’s not possible to wear glasses during the VR experience.

Age Requirement:
This product is not recommended for children under the age of 13 as the headset is not sized for children and improper sizing can lead to discomfort or adverse health effect.

Before Using the VR System:
Virtual reality is an immersive experience that can be intense. A comfortable virtual reality experience requires an unimpaired sense of motion and balance. Do not use the headset when you are experiencing any of the following (as it may increase your susceptibility to adverse symptoms):
• Tired
• Hung-over
• Need sleep
• Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Under emotional stress or anxiety
• When suffering from cold, flu, headaches, migraines, or earaches
• Have digestive problems

Immediately discontinue using the headset if any of the following symptoms are experienced:
• Discomfort
• Any symptoms similar to motion sickness
• Seizures
• Loss of awareness
• Eye strain
• Eye or muscle twitching
• Involuntary movements
• Altered, blurred, or double vision or other visual abnormalities
• Dizziness
• Disorientation
• Impaired balance
• Impaired hand-eye coordination
• Excessive sweating
• Increased salivation
• Nausea
• Lightheadedness
• Discomfort or pain in the head or eyes
• Drowsiness
• Fatigue
•  Skin irritation

Just as with the symptoms people can experience after they disembark a cruise ship, symptoms of virtual reality exposure can persist and become more apparent hours after use. These post-use symptoms can include the symptoms above, as well as excessive drowsiness and decreased ability to multi-task. These symptoms may put you at an increased risk of injury when engaging in normal activities in the real world.

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