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Gender Medizin
Shona Hamilton, Lehni Lamide Davies:

"Unexpired Pleasures" Filmscreening und Q&A

  • Sat, 29.01.2022 19:00
    Kampnagel – K2

What is our relationship with sex and pleasure as we confront cancer? Six women share their experiences in this powerful short film by Lehni Lamide Davies and Shona Hamilton

Unexpired Pleasures is a creative documentary film by Lehni Lamide Davies & Shona Hamilton exploring how women’s experiences of cancer intersects with their relationship to sexual pleasure and intimacy.

The central questions guiding us throughout the making of this film were:
– What is our relationship with sex and pleasure as we confront cancer?
– What does it mean to live changed yet embodied and fulfilling lives as we recover from or live with illness?

As creative collaborators, we were particularly interested in exploring these questions through a creative inquiry approach that could highlight a plurality of voices and experiences from women of diverse backgrounds. Over the winter of 2021, we initiated a series of online creative workshops, in which we engaged in frank and honest conversations about aging, illness and sexual pleasure with an intergenerational range of ethnically, culturally and sexually diverse women from across the UK and Europe.

Six women – Dia, Carmel, Ruby, Sarah, Victoria and Lehni – feature in the film. These women generously share their intimate stories with us about their relationship to sex, sexuality, intimacy and pleasure as they move through the process of ageing, illness and profound life changes.

About Us

Creative collaborators – artist Lehni Lamide Davies and filmmaker Shona Hamilton are both ethnically diverse women, each in our mid to late 40’s, one of us with lived experience of cancer and chronic illness. Together – we are interested in making socially engaged creative documentary films that uncover and explore often neglected, untold and unusual stories – bringing them to life to be seen, heard and celebrated.

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