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Gender Medizin:
Künstler*innen-Talk mit Brian Lobel und Catherine Hoffmann

  • Sat, 29.01.2022 18:15 [also Online]
    K2 und Zoom Webinar

Do you find a musical about uterine cysts a surprising choice of subject? Do you wonder what a sex store has to do with art and what art has to do with cancer and what cancer has to do with a sex store? What brings art and disease together? These intersections are illuminated in conversation with festival artists Brian Lobel ('Sex with Cancer') and Catherine Hoffmann (CYST-ER ACT). They talk about the development of their projects and give insights into their work processes.

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Gender Medizin
Maria Zimpel / Sara Kałużna / Wacław Zimpel:

Motions of Revolution
Sat, 29.01.2022 19:00

Gender Medizin
Liz Rosenfeld, Rodrigo Carcia Alves:

Thank you for your effort, even if these requests cannot be fulfilled
Sat, 29.01.2022 20:00

Gender Medizin
Catherine Hoffmann:

Cyst-er Act
Sat, 29.01.2022 22:00

The entire discourse program

Gender Medizin
Panel: "Rassismus in der Medizin"
Fri, 28.01.2022 18:00

Gender Medizin
Pop-Up Sex Shop
Fri, 28.01. from 18:30 / Sat, 29.01. from 15:30 / Sun, 30.01. from 12:00

Gender Medizin
Panel: "Gender Medizin"
Sat, 29.01.2022 16:30

Gender Medizin
Lehni Lamide Davies, Shona Hamilton:
"Unexpired Pleasures" Filmscreening and Q&A
Sat, 29.01.2022 19:00

Gender Medizin
Keynote: "Reproductive Justice" von Loretta J. Ross / Panel: "Feministische Gesundheitsbewegungen Revisited“
Sun, 30.01.2022 13:00

Gender Medizin
Open Space: "We Need a Revolution, Baby" – Mit medizin-aktivistischen Initiativen
Sun, 30.01.2022 16:00 (also online)

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