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Gender Medizin:
Panel: "Feministische Gesundheitsbewegungen Revisited"

digital / Theory / Wheelchair users

We often talk about "the women's health movement" in the 70s and 80s. The movement we mean by this was characterised by the creation of numerous women's health centres, the keeping of address lists for abortions, and the re-appropriation of medical knowledge about one's own body. However, the word "movement" is deliberately plural in the title of this panel, because queer and feminist health movements have historically existed out of diverse groups and each out of great urgency. What issues were and are being left out? For example, what role did the concerns of disabled women play in the feminist health struggles of the time, and what about feminist health discourses on disability today? What do medical activist groups today learn from past struggles of trans* activists in the field of health? Why do many of the demands of the feminist health movements of the 80s remain unfulfilled and how do we avoid working through the same obstacles over and over again? What is remembered and what is not, what can we learn from past activist practices, how can critical dialogue and knowledge transfer be ensured?


Valle Mazzaferro
Ulrike Haase
Casa Kuá
Feministische Recherchegruppe

Moderation: Lea Dora Illmer

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