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Other Europe: Perspektiven auf Identität & Vielfalt Europas
Asiatische Diaspora: Thuy Trang Nguyen:

Jackfruit (2021)

  • © Sarina Laudam
  • Fri, 12.11.2021 24H [Online]
  • Sat, 13.11.2021 24H [Online]
  • Sun, 14.11.2021 24H [Online]
  • Mon, 15.11.2021 24H [Online]
  • Tue, 16.11.2021 24H [Online]
  • Wed, 17.11.2021 24H [Online]
  • Thu, 18.11.2021 24H [Online]

Full of tenderness and quiet gestures, JACKFRUIT tells the story of gender-fluid Mít caught between two worlds – the Vietnamese diaspora and queer Berlin. In her films, Thuy Trang Nguyen explores the themes of family and identity, queerness and crossing borders. JACKFRUIT is the second short film in a trilogy about the Vietnamese diaspora in Germany, after ROAN it continues the artistic deconstruction of a colonial gaze.

Part of the event series OTHER EUROPE.

  • Mít: Hồng Ngọc Lê
  • Roan: Dần Boldt
  • Mai: Mai Phương Kollath
  • Lara : Shari Asha Crosson
  • Dieter: Mehmet Yılmaz
  • Directing & Screenplay : Thùy Trang Nguyễn
  • Cinematography: Katharina Hauke, Sarina Laudam
  • Editing and Sounddesign : Ebru Sara Bilen
  • Music Composition : Nguyễn + Transitory
  • Art Direction : Mai Thu Bùi, Dominik Hao Nguyễn
  • Production Manager : Mỹ Trang „Mitti“ Nghiêm, Maurice Egen
  • Production: internationale filmschule köln

Supported by the Federal Foreign Office and Diplomats of Color.

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