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klub katarakt 2021
Matthias Kaul in memoriam:

Shower & L’art pour l’art

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Music / Wheelchair users

20:00 Matthias Kaul / Pilkentafel: Shower (2019)
21:30 Matthias Kaul in memoriam: Ensemble L’art pour l’art

On the first of July 2020, percussionist and composer Matthias Kaul passed away. klubkatarakt dedicates its third day to the commemmoration of this notable musician and exceptional human being. The evening begins with Kaul’s last work SHOWER, a musical theatre for solo performer with Torsten Schütte, directed by Elisabeth Bode of Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel from Flensburg. SHOWER means: cleansing of the body, ritual, hygiene, compulsion, indulgence, centering yourself in yourself, feeling yourself, awakening, retreating, waste, luxury. Too much water is bad, as is too little, not to mention water in the wrong places or filthy water, and without water, everything falls apart.

The following portrait concert will present five of Kaul’s compositions, curated by the flutist Astrid Schmeling and the festival’s artistic direction. The concert will be performed by the musicians of the ensemble L’art pour l’art, which was co-founded by Kaul himself.

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