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Jens Rachut:
Der mit der Luft schimpft

  • © Jens Rachut / Ventil Verlag
Music / Theory / Wheelchair users
  • Thu, 18.11.2021 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6

As an actor, radio playwright and in legendary bands such as Angeschissen, Blumen am Arsch der Hölle, Dackelblut, Alte Sau and Oma Hans, Jens Rachut has had a significant and lasting influence on the language of German-language punk. Together with musician Thomas Wenzel (Die Sterne, Die Goldenen Zitronen) he now presents his new anthology "Der mit der Luft schimpft" (“Ranting with the Air”, Ventil Verlag) in what he describes as a "loud reading".

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As an actor, radio play author and in legendary bands like Angeschissen, Blumen am Arsch der Hölle, Dachshund Blood, Old Pig and Grandma Hans, Jens Rachut has significantly and lastingly influenced the language of German-speaking punk with his idiosyncratic, sometimes cryptic texts. In the anthology "Der Schimpft" (The Scolding Air), which will be published by Ventil Verlag in November, more than 80 texts selected by Jens Rachut himself (with beautiful drawings by Raoul Doré) give an insight into the literary quality of his texts. At a "loud reading" according to Rachut, he presents a selection of texts with musical accompaniment. After the brilliant performance reading Schneckengottt 2018, this is the second appearance of the great Jens Rachut on Kampnagel.

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