Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Digitale Theaternacht Hamburg 2020

  • Boy Division, Trancendental
Theater & Performance / Online / digital
  • Sat, 12.09.2020 from 19:00
    Online free entrance

Every year Kampnagel presents a cross-section of the local program for the coming season during the Theater Night. Due to the corona pandemic, the Hamburg theaters will be implementing a virtual Theater Night for the first time in autumn 2020, in which the audience can experience a variety of digital formats on their home screens.


TRANSCENDENTAL is part of a trilogy that began with Emergenz in 2019, where a multicultural community was established thanks to the collaborative work between Kampnagel-Hamburg and Jose Vidal y Cia-Santiago. The starting point was to test Vidal’s thesis: there are energies that lie in the interspace between our bodies, that can be increased and dissolved, transformed and provoked. That is the formula that holds communities together. Today, in the context we live, where no space and no contact can be shared, where bodies are isolated and the spaces between them seem insurmountable, TRANSCENDENTAL seeks to re-signify this community that was born with Emergenz, taking up the challenge of making the non-physical interaction of over 100 participants from Germany and Chile, a physical experience for all. Later, with Manifestation in 2021, the hope is to reveal the "transcendental" transformation that this community is experiencing in the way it understands and builds itself.


Boy Division has been an integral part of the theater night since 2010 and has presented a wide variety of shows and performances over the years. Harry Carrera repeatedly led through the evenings as a moderator. This (online) year Harry Carrera is now presenting his new show »DAS IST IHR LEBEN« (»THIS IS YOUR LIFE«). The star guest of the first episode is Evil Kiewel! With surprise guests, whose paths crossed in the course of Kiewel's unique career, Evil's life with all its ups and downs is retold in the 45-minute entertainment program for young and old.

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