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Spielzeiteröffnung 2020/21
Max Czollek:

Tage der Jüdisch-Muslimischen Leitkultur – Dezentraler Kongress

  • © Konstantin Boerner

This autumn marks the 30th anniversary of the German Reunion. The author Max Czollek (“Disintegrate!”) counters the image of a harmonious “German unity” with the provocative assertion of a “Jewish-Muslim Leitkultur”, which invites us to a different narrative of German history and society. With a series of events at over 20 theatres, Czollek draws attention to the radical diversity that constitutes German society. A discourse and performance programme on the subject will take place at Kampnagel in October, which Max Czollek will open with a reading and panel discussion.

The general hygiene concept (in German) for visitors can be found here.

Funded by Leo Baeck Foundation

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