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Wer hat Macht über die Zukunft?:

Jim Anton (13 Jahre) im Gespräch mit Luisa Neubauer und Roda Verheyen

  • Jim Anton, Luisa Neubauer, Roda Verheyen
    © Neubauer: Oguz Yilmaz, Verheyen: Dinah Hayt
  • Luisa Neubauer at Fridays For Future
    © Jörg Farys
Kids / Theory / digital
  • Fri, 29.05.2020 18:00

Jim Ismael Anton (13 years old) invited Luisa Neubauer from Fridays for Future and Roda Verheyen (lawyer for Greenpeace and specialist for fundamental rights and climate) to talk about the following questions: In the Corona crisis, it is mainly old people who are at risk, in the climate crisis especially young people fear the consequences. Is this related to the extent to which politics intervenes in everything? What connects Corona and the climate crisis? After all, because of Corona Germany might surprisingly achieve the 2020 climate targets. Perhaps Corona leads to solidarity between the old and young, which then also turns in the other direction vice versa, so that the necessary steps can also be taken together for the climate? How can we increase this effect and campaign for it?

TRANSGENERATOREN: Art & Politics for Kids & adults

A Series by PROFUND e.V. together witg Kampnagel and FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research

The Transgeneratoren Festival was planned for May 2020 but due to the corona crisis it has been transformed into a digital series. Solidarity between the generations has become even more important with Corona. And right now we have to rethink how the old and young can meet and stand up for each other. Children do without so many things during this time. They should therefore be heard all the louder in the series of Transgeneratoren. We start the series with an online conversation to which Jim Anton (13 years) invited Luisa Neubauer and Roda Verheyen: Who has power over the future? The festival will then continue in the coming season.

Children discover new forms of protest, adults use the freedom of art to promote new rights for children, children and adults together reinterpret performance art and come together as researchers on the future – more and more voices question the division of the world into children and adults. And against an urgent political background: children are not only affected by poverty far above average, they are also "free as free range chicken" (Chris 12 years, Dublin). So not very free. At the same time, adults contest future resources for them. With the TRANSGENERATOREN Festival, PROFUND Verein, Kampnagel and FUNDUS THEATER create the first international forum for transgenerational art and politics: we play truth or risk (children vs. adults), we invite you to a conference for performance beginners of all ages and to try it out with sweets. You can experience current works and projects from five different countries that bring children and adults together in new ways.

PROFUND e.V. in Kooperation with FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research and Kampnagel, funded by Elbkulturfonds.

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