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Jan Plewka singt Simon & Garfunkel:
Sound of Silence

  • © Sven Sindt
Music / Wheelchair users
  • Sun, 21.11.2021 19:30
    Kampnagel – K6

Hardly any Kampnagel production has been revived in front of sold-out audiences as often in recent years as the Simon & Garfunkel evening with the singer of the Hamburg band Selig, Jan Plewka. With the premiere of this staged concert evening at the 2013 Summer Festival, Plewka continued his collaboration with the former Schauspielhaus artistic director and Kampnagel "house director" Tom Stromberg; the two had already developed a Rio Reiser evening at the Schauspielhaus with the friendly musicians of the Schwarz Roten Heilsarmee, which was performed over 200 times throughout Europe – and have since premiered other joint music projects at Kampnagel (most recently JAN PLEWKA SINGT TON STEINE SCHERBEN & RIO REISER (2). Meanwhile, SOUND OF SILENCE has become a classic itself: Plewka & Co play the Simon&Garfunkel comfort songs from the collective musical memory in such a way that – unlike almost all cover bands – no one will miss the original (and for some the songs dripping with inwardness become audible in the first place). In addition, there are many tricks of the theatrical trade that make the evening an entertaining evening of fun with the best music.

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