Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Mehr Perspektiven für kritischen Diskurs:
Workshop & Podiumsdiskussion

  • Fri, 13.03.2020 16:00
    Please register with the ticket-link or via / meeting-point: Foyer, the workshop will take place at Migrantpolitan
  • Sat, 14.03.2020 17:00
    No registration needed, just come by / meeting point: Foyer

(Cultural) journalism is in a state of change. Which public does it address, which discourses does it promote and what does it not reflect? Many artists are committed to dealing with political developments and issues and are constantly inventing new artistic forms; critical journalistic work must not fall behind its subject. In order to answer these questions and demands, the Bündnis Internationaler Produktionshäuser (alliance of international production houses) has created the ACADEMY FOR CONTEMPORARY THEATER JOURNALISM, whose participants will meet at Kampnagel from March 12th to 15th. Kampnagel organizes two events that complement the artistic program, which are open to journalists and publicists as well as an interested audience.


Multiperspectivity - Western journalism and non-European politics

Workshop with Lina Chawaf (head of Rozana Radio) and Larry Moore Macaulay (founder and head of the Refugee Radio Network)

In this workshop, the participants develop new approaches and tools to report on intercultural and multilingual (cultural) events. The workshop deals with the alleged objectivity of the reporting person and the risks of subconsciously communicated prejudices. Using best practice examples, the participants get to know new, experimental forms of journalistic storytelling, for example in the form of various live formats. As part of the workshop, the two workshop leaders also present their own work, current and future projects. Afterwards there is the possibility to visit the immersive bazaar project REVOLUTIONARY SOUQ.

Fri-13.3. / 16:00 - 17:30
In English, participation free of charge, registration required at


Autonomy, work structures and aesthetics in the theater with people with disabilities

Panel discussion with Linda Fisahn (musician, performer), Luca Serafin (filmmaker at 17motion / barner 16), Nele Jahnke (artistic assistant Theater HORA), Noa Winter (dramaturge, curator) and representatives of Meine Damen und Herren.

Even if the presence of people with learning difficulties in the theater has increased in recent years - they are still received as part of an "inclusive ensemble" or are supposed to represent the group of "people with disabilities" per se. They rarely get the space for independent artistic design, there are numerous artists with learning difficulties who of course work on their own projects. How far is the specialist discourse from seeing artists with disabilities as professional artists and in their independence? Is an institutional protection area still necessary or more of a hindrance for your work in the area of ​​tension between competition, equality and solidarity? How can the systems in which support for a life with disabilities in Germany is organized be rethought with regard to the artistic development of the individual? Why are there so many bureaucratic hurdles to put the desire for inclusive work into practice? Is it difficult for journalists to critically review productions by inclusive ensembles? What standards apply in the critical perception of so-called inclusive theater - when are specific criteria important, when do they prevent serious artistic discussion? Which aesthetic and structural innovations arise in inclusive theater, which subsequently set standards in general?

In a panel discussion, Linda Fisahn (musician, performer), Luca Serafin (filmmaker at 17motion / barner 16), Nele Jahnke (artistic assistant Theater HORA), Noa Winter (dramaturge, curator) and representatives of Ladies and Gentlemen discuss these and other questions and thus drive a long overdue discourse.
Afterwards there is the opportunity to visit the performance DIE STADT BIN ICH of the inclusive Hamburg ensemble Meine Damen und Herren.

Sa-14.3. / 17:00
In German and easy language, free entry, relaxed event




Funded by Europe Beyond Access

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