Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Diasporic Youth Club:
Mit Mo

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Kids / Migrantpolitan / Wheelchair users
  • Sun, 23.02.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 01.03.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 08.03.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 15.03.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 22.03.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 29.03.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 05.04.2020 13:00
  • Sun, 12.04.2020 13:00

Maybe you've been here: you're with a group of new people - but constantly the punchline of their cliché jokes. Or you are with your family and considered "not 'Turkish' enough", "not 'Persian' enough", "not '...' enough"! Do you also know the feeling of having an 'identity in between', not really this, not really that. Often misread from the outside, put into small boxes that (metaphorically) don't fit your size!

Well... How about some fresh out of the oven empowerment? How about some [k]-Privilege, freshly served on a silver plate, exclusively for YOU!

- Are you: between 15 and 18 years old?
- Do you want to meet regularly and work on various projects?
​- Do you want your own [k]-ID, with access to a majority of our shows?

The Diasporic Youth Club is set in an "create your own safe space"-manner because Kampnagel needs YOU! What's missing on Kampnagel? What do you want to see more / different / not at all here? What is your talent, interest, critique, question or goal within YOUR Diapsoric Youth Club?

AND: All this with the Hello Deutschland-All Star Mighty Mo, as your guide through the maze of Kampnage-Culture! Watch all the shows you want, create your own content, your own bubble, with old and new friends!

Don't hold back! Let's create our own DIY bubble together! The Diasporic Youth Club meets every sunday 13:00.

Write to: and Mighty Mo will come back to you!


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