Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Revolutionary Souq: Ein immersiver Basar
Tag 1 - Pre-Revolutionary Feelings:


  • © Hanadi Chawaf
Theater & Performance / Music / Wheelchair users / Theory / Art / Film / Migrantpolitan
  • Thu, 12.03.2020 18:00
    kmh, k4, Westfoyer, p1

The "normal" everyday life in the souq, or the calm before the storm: Syrian society is made up of different groups and minorities. They may make up a country, but do not represent ONE idea or ONE opinion. With the rise of the Baath Party, religion was increasingly instrumentalized and, systematically and simultaneously, marginalized and discriminated against. Syrian journalist Lina Chawaf will unfortunately not be able to attend the discussion, but the panel will take place. This prelude to the revolution is accompanied by a thematically and aesthetically connected film program.
On the music side of things, a "marketplace" takes shape in the kmh. Abo Gabi is canceled, but ORIENTAL KARAOKE takes place!

The "storyteller", or hakawati, Bassam Dawood unites the various threads and leads visitors through the hustle and bustle.

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