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Rwandan Arts Klub

  • © Ellen Edmar
Theory / Music / Art / Wheelchair users
  • Thu, 13.12.2018 18:30
    Filmindustry in Rwanda
    Kampnagel – KMH free entrance
  • Fri, 14.12.2018 18:30
    Women power in the Rwandan art scene
    Kampnagel – KMH free entrance
  • Sat, 15.12.2018 18:30
    Anyone can be a Fashion Designer
    Kampnagel – KMH free entrance

A fine club atmosphere; a pop-up store; Rwandan art, music, fashion and film; visual impressions mixed with discourse and DJ programs. That is the RWANDAN ARTS KLUB. For three days, an emancipative space opens in the Kampnagel Club in which young actors from the Kigali arts scene discuss their work and visions for Rwanda.

Thursday, 13.12. / 18:30
Filmindustry in Rwanda 
The film ICYASHA by Clémentine Dusabejambo tells the story of a 12-year-old boy desperately trying to join the boys’ football team in his neighborhood. His »feminine« character disqualifies him. Moderation: Sophia Ayissi Nsegue (Hamburg, Creative Producer & Writer)
DJ Set from 22:00 by DJ Waxs (Hamburg)

Friday, 14.12. / 18:30
Women power in the Rwandan music szene
Afro-pop singer and actor Nirere Shanel talks about gender equity in the music industry and her experiences as a musician in Rwanda and Europe. Moderation: Divine Umulisa (Hamburg, Curator)
DJ Set from 22:00 by Isabelle (POSSY) (Hamburg)

Saturday, 15.12. / 18:30
Anyone can be a fashion designer
Due to illness Cedric Mizero can't travel to Hamburg, alternatively Yolanda Gutiérrez is talking with Beatrace Angut Oola (Hamburg, Fashion Agentin & Creative Producer) about the fashion scene in Ruanda and her platform Fashion Africa Now.

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Cedric Mizero is convinced anyone can become a fashion designer in Rwanda. He will present his own collection in the Sommerset House London next year. Moderation: Beatrace Angut Oola (Hamburg, Fashion Agent & Creative Producer)

DJ Set from 22:00 by DOVECAKE (Berlin)

RWANDAN ARTS KLUB leaflet (PDF download)

More on the topic Rwanda: the discussion SHARING HERITAGE?! (12.12. / 18:30) and the production PLANET KIGALI by Yolanda Gutiérrez / Jens Dietrich / Dorcy Rugamba (12.12.-16.12. / 20:00)

A concept by Yolanda Gutiérrez in collaboration with Kampnagel. Host: Divine Umulisa / design concept: Chris Schwagga and Jelka Plate

Supported by the NUE – Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung, Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg and Stadtteilkultur Nord of Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord.

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