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Internationales Sommerfestival 2017


  • Mon, 14.08.2017 11:00
    Duration of Workshop: august 14 - 18
    Kampnagel – Gelände

Protest practice – That sounds funny (and is it too!), but above all, it is useful and important. With a circle of friends, at school, at home or in public, with acquaintances or unknown people, everywhere you can get into situations with which you disagree, in which you feel uncomfortable or for which you have an improvement proposal.

Beefing is unsexy, but solid protesting is – and often, it even works! Make yourself heard – usually, this goes loud and with words, but there are many other possibilities as well. In this workshop, you will discover and invent peaceful forms of protest for everyday life and world history with Anna von Glasenapp from the Kampnagel dramaturgy team and her crew – from flash mobs and body language to poster actions and glitter bombs.

Workshop: Anna von Glasenapp, Zuzu Jaramillo, Jesseline Preach
Dates: 14th-18th August
Participation Fee: 30 Euros (red. 20 Euros)
Entry fee includes lunch. Discount applies to holders of the holiday pass, the regular price can be paid (anyway) on a donation basis, needy children can thus be financed.
Limited number of participants, registration for all workshops at the Kampnagel box office 040 270 949 49
Age: from 12 years up
Duration of workshops per week, MO – Fr approx. 11:00 – 16:00, meeting point on Mo 14.08. at 11:00 at the Kampnagel checkout.
Every Friday 15:00, all parents, grandparents, siblings and friends

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