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Kontext Mexiko
Orgy Punk / Grupo D3 CHOK3:

Die Salbung des Kranken: ein Anti-Trump-Protest

  • Experimento 23 GRUPO D3 CHOK3
  • © Monika Gintersdorfer
  • © Experimento 23 GRUPO D3 CHOK3
  • © Anonimous México
  • Fri, 03.03.2017 22:00
    Festivalzentrum free entrance

Late-Night-Performance: Anointing of the Sick: An anti-Trump protest

»La Santa Muerte« (Holy Death), is a Mexican popular divinity that personifies death and it substitutes the Virgin of Guadalupe. Its origin comes from the pre-Hispanic Mayan-Aztec cult to the dead and of the catholic religion. Also known as »The Virgin of the Forgotten« its worship is associated with the practice of witchcraft, magic and santería. Her faithful believers belong to the most marginalized groups in Mexican society: prisoners, immigrants in the United States, sex workers, day laborers, street vendors, sex and gender dissidents ... She does not discriminate.

The favors that cannot be asked to the Devil or God, she grants them.

2017, year in which Donald Trump takes the presidency of the United States with a strong anti-Mexican feeling, with anti-immigrant policies, threatening Mexico if it does not pay for the construction of a border wall between both nations, and sanctioning companies that have commercial dealings with Mexico…

In this magic ritual performance, Orgy Punk, performer and founder of artists and activists group PUNK/GRUPO D3 CHOK3, will invoke the power of the Mexican spirit of The Holy Death, to cast a spell against Trump, asking her to knock down the border walls and for the President to resign.

afterwards: DJ Set: Latin-Electronic Sounds mit Panchita Peligro

whole program KONTEXT MEXIKO and MEXICAN SPIRIT here.

MEXICAN SPIRIT is funded by Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung and BINGO! Umweltlotterie

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