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Projeto Brasil 2016: Tropicalypse Now!
Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Inc.:

Suddenly everywhere is black with people

  • © rgio Caddah
  • Fri, 03.06.2016 19:30 [Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K1
  • Sat, 04.06.2016 21:00 [Talk]
    public discussion in English after the show
    Kampnagel – K1
  • Sun, 05.06.2016 20:00
    Kampnagel – K1

A group of five ‘blacked up’ performers moves through the room as an unpredictable, rhythmic undulating body, moving as one. They mingle among the audience and come terrifyingly and excitingly close to them. Choreographer Marcelo Evelin, who has homes in both Europe and Brazil and spends time touring internationally, takes steps to redefine the relationship between performers and audience members. Does black continue to represent the unknown, the origin and the darkness? Is that a kind of war dance? Evelin was inspired by Elias Canetti’s ‘Crowds and Power’ in which the Nobel Prize winner tried to unravel the eerie phenomenon of crowds. SUDDENLY EVERYWHERE IS BLACK WITH PEOPLE deals with our fear of the unknown and our simultaneous fascination with it. The audience is part of an intimate experience, which is brave enough to hint at current questions on migration, race and power.  

PROJETO BRASIL - TROPICALYPSE NOW! (01.-11.06.2016) Festivalprogram and more information here

  • concept, performance: Andrez Lean Ghizze, Daniel Barra, Elielson Pacheco, Hitomi Nagasu, Jell Carone, Loes Van der Pligt, Marcelo Evelin, Márcio Nonato, Regina Veloso, Rosângela Sulidade, Sérgio Caddah, Sho Takiguchi, Tamar Blom, Wilfred Loopstra
  • co-production: Festival Panorama, Kyoto Experiment mit Unterstützung von Saison Foundation und Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Supported by Funarte – Prémio Klauss Vianna, Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN), und Performing Arts Fund NL DANK AN Projeto LOTE 24h/Cristian Duarte, Theater Scholl Amsterdam und Galpão do Dirceu

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