Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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  • © Viktor Marek
Theater & Performance
  • Wed, 30.03.2016 19:30 [Premiere, World Premiere]
    In German und French
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Thu, 31.03.2016 19:30
    In German und French
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Fri, 01.04.2016 19:30
    In German und French
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Sat, 02.04.2016 19:30
    In German und French
    Kampnagel – K2

They stormed the Assemblée Nationale in Ouagadougou – Dictator Campaoré was deposed after 27 years – democratic elections took place! An African Spring in Burkina Faso? This awakening in the country starkly contrasts with people’s escape into the so-called ‘paradise’ of Europe. ALLER ET RETOUR is a politically relevant trans-continental collaboration: holding the future of their country in their hands, young Burkinabe artists, who are fighting back against (post-) colonial regimes and delivering new concepts of identity and new African thought, meet Hajusom performers with their own experience of migration, as well as their struggle for recognition in the supposed paradise of Germany. What do they think? Where can they break out? What are their desires and projections? ALLER ET RETOUR is a shared manifesto for freedom of movement, with revolutionary esprit, establishing art as fuel that crosses boundaries. Hajusom’s house musician Viktor Marek lays down the groove with singer and guitarist Patrick Kabré.

  • By and with: Hamed Ahmadi, Sahadou Barry, Emmanuel Boadu, Adèle Badolo, Mimpamba Thomas Combari, Inoussa Dabré, Brahima Diarra, Farzad Fadai, Sita Fofana, Elmira Ghafoori, Katalina Götz, Mohammad- Moslem Heidarian, Joy Jawo, Gueswinde Eric Koama, Aboubakar Badi Maiga, Arman Marzak, Wendaabo Landry Nare, Valérie Nacoulma, Rahmat Rezai, Dennis Robert
  • Concept and Direction : Ella Huck, Katharina Oberlik, Dorothea Reinicke
  • Live-music : Patrick Kabré, Viktor Marek
  • Equipment: Ilboudo »Double« Saïdou, Jelka Plate
  • Consultation Equipment: Michael Böhler
  • Video : Joseph »Chocho« Tapsoba, Mathis Menneking
  • Slameur : Doueslik
  • Choreography: Blandine Yamaéogo
  • Sounddesign: Manuel Horstmann
  • Light Design: Michael Lentner
  • Assistants: Anke Meyn, Thu Hoai Tran
  • Artist Support : Eliana Schüler, Lara Bogan
  • Translation: Ariane Batou – To Van
  • Coordination Hamburg : Sarah Bergh, Lea Connert, Julia zur Lippe
  • Coordination Ouagadougou: Kira Claude Guingané
  • Production: Hajusom e. V. in Koproduktion mit Kampnagel Hamburg, Goethe Institut Ouagadougou, Espace Gambidi/Ouagadougou
  • Archive: Hajusom

Gefördert von der Kulturstiftung des Bundes/TURN Programm, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung und der Hamburger
Stiftung zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kultur

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